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Mainzer Minipressen-Messe
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Invitation for the award of the promotion prize by the City of Mainz for an achievement by a small publisher - publishing house, in the field of graphic arts, literature (V.O. Stomps Prize)

The deadline for submissions is 15th of March 2019

Ladies and Gentlemen,

For the 21st time since 1978, the City of Mainz will be awarding a prize named after
Victor Otto Stomps to honor his memory as a publisher, writer and promoter of literature.

Every two years, this prize honors quality and personal commitment in the small publisher scene. This award is not oriented to economic success, but to those achievements which allow special talents and creativity to be recognized under the difficult working conditions of a small publishing firm.

The prize is endowed with 3,500, - Euro and refers to the ranges hand presses, small publishing houses and magazine. In addition, the city of Mainz awards a Stomps Prize to support young initiatives. This is endowed with 1.500, - Euro. It will be awarded as part of the inauguration of the 25th Mainzer Minipressen-Messe (from May 30 to June 2, 2019) in the Gutenberg-Museum.

Previous V.O. Stomps prize winners are the publishers:

  • Rainer Verlag (1978)
  • Galerie Patio (1980)
  • Edition Dieter Wagner (1984)
  • Edition Fundamental (1987)
  • Flugblatt-Presse (1989)
  • Schierlingspresse (1991)
  • Herbst-Presse Wien (1993)
  • Herbstpresse Düsseldorf (1995)
  • Edition Thanhäuser (1997)
  • Hertenstein-Presse (1999)
  • Mariannen-Presse (1999)
  • Edition Atelier Bodoni (2001)
  • Edition Dschamp (2003)
  • Rixdorfer Druckwerkstatt (2005)
  • Kunsthaus hinter den Zäunen (2007)
  • Corvinus Presse (2009/Hauptpreis)
  • Edition Thurnhof (2011/Hauptpreis)
  • Katzengraben-Presse (2013/Hauptpreis)
  • SchwarzHandPresse (2013/Förderpreis)
  • Sonnenberg-Presse (2015/Hauptpreis)
  • Jaja-Verlag (2015/Förderpreis)
  • Svato-Verlag (2017)
  • Kollektiv Tod-Verlag (2017/Förderpreis)

    and the magazines:

  • Heft (1982)
  • Dire (1987)
  • Plages (1989)
  • Entwerter/Oder (1991)
  • Freibord (1993)
  • Pips (1995)
  • Das Gedicht (1997)
  • miniature obscure (2001)
  • Wespennest (2003)
  • Herzattacke (2005)
  • plumbum (2007)
  • Buchmacherey H. Helserdeich (2009/Förderpreis) and
  • SuKuLTur-Verlag (2011/Förderpreis).

I herewith invite you to participate in the competition for the twenty-first V.O. Stomps Prize of the City of Mainz and to suggest praiseworthy small publishers, editions, presses and magazines or to submit an application yourself.

It would be useful to enclose a reason for your vote or your own application and to enclose samples of work done.

Please submit to:
Mainzer Minipressen-Archiv
Liebfrauenplatz 5
55116 Mainz

Entries will be submitted to the jury which will make a decision under my chairmanship;
The deadline for submissions is 15. March 2019.

With the hope of good collaboration, I remain.

Sincerely yours,

Marianne Grosse
City councilor


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City Councilor Marianne Grosse Landeshauptstadt Mainz
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